Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Information for the Tan Kah Kee Award

Hello Students,

The link for the Tan Kah Kee Award here.

The Rules and Regulations here.
Do explore the 'Past Winners and Winning Projects' to get an idea of the competition standard. 

Interested students (individual or max. group of 3) to email Mr. Hiap to indicate your interest.

Category: Student (under 19 yrs)
Date Due: to be advised (to email Mr. Hiap)

Saturday, 15 September 2012

MuttonButton: MBerry tablets

Group members: Mervin, Devanshi, Amelia
(Sorry Mr Hiap, we sent you an email but didn't upload to the blog.)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Advertisement: The Ultimate Chef

This product is by Ryan Yeo, Ryan Sio and Tay Ming Yi and all features featured in the poster is absolutely untrue.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Term 3, Week 9 I&E Advertising

Hello All,

Reminder for all to post up the storyboard for your product.

The timeline for the performance task is updated as follows:
  • Week 8: Complete Storyboard. Post up on class blog for comment by classmate and Mr. Hiap
  • Week 9: Commence print ads (set of 3) or 60-second video.
  • Week 10: Presentation of print / video advertisement during class (each group to upload the advertisement to the class blog prior to the lesson). 
  • 1 week school break
  • Term 4, Week 1: Submission of 'Advertising' Performance Task (Sec 2-02: Tues, Sec 2-08: Wed, Sec 2-04: Thurs). More details about submission later.
Suggestions for advertisements: A good starting point is Apple's advertising campaign for the family of products.

A good advertisement, in my opinion works when it:
1. features the product,
2. 'hooks' or attracts the potential customer to view / read the advertisement,
3. turns the potential customer into a real customer

1. The ad must include the disclaimer, the company name, the product name and features.
2. Print / video (visual and audio) must be clear.
3. For print ads, state the size and where the ad will be displayed (e.g. full page ad in newspaper, bus stop.

Upon submission of the performance task, group members will also appraise their members based on:
1. Task Focus, 2. Listening and Discussion, 3. Dependability.

Do let me know if there are any queries.

Mr. Patrick Hiap

Persuasive Techniques in Advertising

Hello All, 

I'd like to share additional information based on the lesson slides from last week:

Persuasive Techniques in Advertising
The persuasive strategies used by advertisers who want you to buy their product

can be divided into three categories: pathos, logos, and ethos. 

Pathos: an appeal to emotion.
An advertisement using pathos will attempt to evoke an emotional response in the consumer. Sometimes, it is a positive emotion such as happiness: an image of people enjoying themselves while drinking Pepsi. Other times, advertisers will use negative emotions such as pain: a person having back problems after buying the “wrong” mattress. Pathos can also include emotions such as fear and guilt: images of a starving child persuade you to send money. 

Logos: an appeal to logic or reason.
An advertisement using logos will give you the evidence and statistics you need to fully understand what the product does. The logos of an advertisement will be the "straight facts" about the product: One glass of Florida orange juice contains 75% of your daily Vitamin C needs.

Ethos: an appeal to credibility or character.
An advertisement using ethos will try to convince you that the company is more reliable, honest, and credible; therefore, you should buy its product. Ethos often involves statistics from reliable experts, such as nine out of ten dentists agree that Crest is the better than any other brand or Americas dieters choose Lean Cuisine. Often, a celebrity endorses a product to lend it more credibility: Athletes makes us want to switch to a particular sports brand. 

The following are some more specific strategies that advertisers use. Often, they overlap with the rhetorical strategies above. 

Avante Garde: The suggestion that using this product puts the user ahead of the times. A toy manufacturer encourages kids to be the first on their block to have a new toy.

Weasel Words: Used to suggest a positive meaning without actually really making any guarantee. A scientist says that a diet product might help you to lose weight the way it helped him to lose weight. A dish soap leaves dishes virtually spotless.

Magic Ingredients: The suggestion that some almost miraculous discovery makes the product exceptionally effective. A pharmaceutical manufacturer describes a special coating that makes their pain reliever less irritating to the stomach than a competitor’s.

Patriotism: The suggestion that purchasing this product shows your love of your country. A company brags about its product being made in America.
Transfer: Positive words, images, and ideas are used to suggest that the product being sold is also positive. A textile manufacturer wanting people to wear their product to stay cool during the summer shows people wearing fashions made from their cloth at a sunny seaside setting where there is a cool breeze. 

Plain Folks: The suggestion that the product is a practical product of good value for ordinary people. A cereal manufacturer shows an ordinary family sitting down to breakfast and enjoying their product. 

Snob Appeal: The suggestion that the use of the product makes the customer part of an elite group with a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle. A coffee manufacturer shows people dressed in formal gowns and tuxedos drinking their brand at an art gallery.

Bribery: Bribery offers you something “extra.” Buy a burger; get free fries.

Bandwagon: The suggestion that you should join the crowd or be on the winning side by using a product—you don’t want to be the only person without it! 

Another website worth reading about advertising here.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Term 3, Week 8 I&E Advertising

Term 3, Week 8 I&E Advertising

Hello All,

Reminder for all to post up the storyboard for your product.

Bear in mind to 'Understand your customer', then you can bring out the features of your product through your print ads (set of 3) or 60-second video.

Week 8: Complete Storyboard. Post up on class blog for comment by classmate and Mr. Hiap
Week 9: Commence print ads (set of 3) or 60-second video.
Week 10: Submission of advertisement for assessment.

Do keep in mind your busy schedule, you can pick an existing product or a product you were working on in Term 1.

The ad must include the disclaimer.

Print / video (visual and audio) must be clear.

Do let me know if there are any queries.

Mr. Patrick Hiap

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Reflection of I&E Bazaar

Hello Sec 2-02!

Each student: Post your comments to this thread.
1. What was done well?
2. What could have been improved?

- Planning
- Roles
- Execution of Duties (e.g setting up, tearing down)
- Logistics

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Performance Task (Tues, 24 July)

Hello Class,

Summary of teaching points:

  1. Understand the market place and customer needs
  2. Design a customer-driven marketing strategy
  3. Construct an integrated marketing programme that delivers superior value
  4. Build profitable relationships and create customer delight
  5. Capture value from customers to create profits and customer equity
  • Objective: To sell at least 1 of your product to each classmate. 
  • Target Group: Your classmates.
  • In groups of 3, do the following and present your selected product. Maximum 4 slides.
  • Decide on a product you want to sell (you can use the product from Term 2).
  • Set up a company to sell the product, think of a name and tagline for your company.
  • Think of the customers for your product, how it can offer superior value to your customers in terms of product benefits and experiences, and meet the customer needs. 
  • Post up to respective class I&E Blog. 
  • Due date: Day before next week’s I&E lesson. (I&E Reps: Dawn-02, Enoch-04, JunWei-08, assist to remind your class groups.
Ryan will be collating the groups: sstryansio@gmail.com, sagaras98@gmail.com

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Waffle Making:

-       Waffle Machine – $15-$30
-       Disposable plates -  $10-$20
-       Disposable cutlery - $10-$20
*Note: At least 1 person needed to make waffles, and one more to serve

-       Waffle batter - $5-$10
-       Ingredients(e.g. Peanut Butter) - $10-$15

Zombie Shooting:

Zombie Costume
-       Garbage Bag (?)
-       Cosmetics (?)
-       Masks (?)
-       Old T-Shirts (?)
*Not Confirmed

-       Nerf Guns (?)
-       Water Bombs(?)
-       Water Guns(?)

-       Prizes (linked to waffle store?)

-       Stage. Need obstacles? Or Props?

*Note: Increasing level of difficulty may require more manpower. Marketing zombie may be needed to help, so easy-to-manage setups should be used.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

I&E Bazaar: Fri, 20 July

Hello All,

Here are the details discussed for the I&E Bazaar this week. Please email me if there are any queries.

I&E Bazaar: Fri, 20 July
  • Set-up of tables: Thurs, 19 July
  • Set-up of equipment / stall: 1st shift on Fri, 20 July. 

Equipment, food items to be stored safely in classrooms or brought on event day. Students are responsible for their equipment, food stores, etc.

  • I&E Rep to collate orders for coupons using a class list by next week (9 to 13 July). 
  • Finance managers for each team / shift to collate orders of their members and collect money. All the cash to be passed to the I&E Rep before I&E lesson. (Min. $2/ booklet).
  • Coupons would be distributed to the I&E Rep on the day of the bazaar.
    Every item bought would need receipt (amount must be seen clearly). 
  • Items without receipts cannot be claimed.
    Venue: Food stalls in the canteen. Game stalls in the ISH.

Presentation of stall details next week by I&E Rep.

  • Content of slides to include: 
  • Product pictures, 
  • Price, 
  • Quantity to sell, 
  • Budgeted cost, 
  • Expected revenue and profit, 
  • Marketing strategies, 
  • Logistics
  • Details of shift: Names, Roles
Posters are allowed to be displayed at: Canteen, Atrium, ISH

Note: Final shift group will take charge of cleaning up.

5 Roles to be established:
11)     CEO – Leader, managing of the stalls, clearing up, decision making
22)    Finance Manager – Find out how many coupons class wants to buy, Manage coupons, collect money, need to know how much each student contributes, cost recovery (personal) is allowed only if there is profit.
33)    Marketing Manager – Advertise, How they want to market their products (to inform us first, describe how they want to do it)
44)    Production Manager – to source for items costing, packaging etc
55)    Operations Manager- Setting up of the store, logistics

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I&E Bazaar - Fri, 20 July

Hello All,

There will be an I&E Bazaar for Sec 1 and 2s (in conjunction with Racial Harmony Day) on Fri, 20 July. (Sec 3 will be presenting cultural booths on that day). A cultural theme must be present to tie-in with Racial Harmony Day.

Objective: To apply entrepreneurship concepts to generate as much profit as possible.

Venues: Canteen, Indoor Sports Hall, Atrium

*Profits generated can be donated to: Food from the Heart.

First 4 I&E lessons in Term 3 will focus on the preparation process leading up to Bazaar.

Term 3 Week 1: Brain Storming / Discussion
  • Brain Storming / Discussion of stall ideas
  • Max of 2 stalls / class.
  • *By the end of the lesson, a write-up of the stall(s) must be submitted for approval.
  • Budget (Capital Outlay) capped at $200.00. Capital outlay > $200  
  • Cost recovery of capital outlay when profit is made.
  • Students are to raise their own funds.
  • Students need to produce original readable receipts as proof.
*Term 3 Week 2: Establishing Roles and Responsibilities

Chief Exec Officer / Finance Manager / Production Manager / Operations Manager /Marketing Manager

Term 3 Week 3: Preparations for Bazaar (e.g. posters, materials, packaging, etc...)

Term 3 Week 4: Preparations, Settling of Finance matters.

*More details during the I&E lesson.

Thank you,
Mr. Patrick Hiap

Thursday, 19 April 2012

I&E: Branding

Hi S2-02,

Next week, we will continue with the lesson on 'Branding'.

1) To reinforce the last 2 weeks of product presentation, please watch any full episode of Angel's Gate. (about 40 minutes split into 2 parts).

Post on how the presenters:
i) pitched their product ('Branding')
ii) stated the Problem Statement
iii) understood their users
iv) your personal reflections - what impressed you, what you though they could improve on, etc...

2) Question: Is Perception (for various brands) Reality? (i.e. does Brand A shoes make you run faster than Brand B shoes?)

Date Due: Wed, 25 April 2012

Mr. Patrick Hiap

Monday, 16 April 2012

I&E Product Presentations

Hi S2-02,

After your product presentation, kindly:

1) post up your slides / video
2) give your product a name (research has shown 2, 3 syallbus works well).
3) Post your questions for each group.
4) Pose suggestions (vs. negative comments) to help improve the group's product proposal.

Take note that potential proposals will be proposed for the prestigious Tan Kah Kee Award.

Good Effort, Class... Keep up the good work...!

Thank you,
Mr. Patrick Hiap