Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Reflection of I&E Bazaar

Hello Sec 2-02!

Each student: Post your comments to this thread.
1. What was done well?
2. What could have been improved?

- Planning
- Roles
- Execution of Duties (e.g setting up, tearing down)
- Logistics


  1. Done well: We managed to get the things ready despite short notice and with little preparation time. We also managed to attract quite a lot of customers (quite a bit of money gathered)

    Been improved: Plan and finalize on the theme and start working on it early. In terms of marketing, there were little to no elements. We should put up more decorative posters to attract the customers and get their attentions, and could use more marketing salesmen.

  2. Done well: We were well prepared and did not lack much resources despite the fact that we were rushing through the last minute. We also had a lot of customers compared to other stalls.

    What could have been better: We could have bought lesser flavourings because so much of it was left and was wasted because all the flour was finished but there was so much flavourings left. Advertising was a huge problem and could have done better in that particular section.

  3. 1) What was done well?

    We got the items on time, and managed to make the waffles successfully with our plan. The setting up table given was small. We did not lose any money so it was decent.

    2) Could have been improved
    Could have been more neat, more commercialization and could have considered about clean up and how to effectively sell to the market.

  4. 1) What was done well?
    We could prepare the waffles mostly on time as well as was able to attract customers to come back another time. They had also brought their friends along with them. At the end, we were able to earn a quite large amount of profit.

    2)What could have been improved?
    Because we were reliant on the school's power supply, there were power failures at different times and we were not able to carry out the business efficiently as the waffles were not cooked properly.

  5. Done Well: We managed to make waffles that were quite edible although the first few were rather rubbery. We also managed to make profits even though we spent extra money on some toppings that were not even used.

    Improvements? : We should have a online class discussion before hand so we do not need to freak out in the morning and scare ourselves about how some materials might have spoilt. I should have advertised a little bit more as many people just walk past our stall. We could have made the waffles earlier too so that in the situations were there was a electrical trip, we still could sell more waffles

  6. What was done well?:
    Learning our lesson from last time, we planned everything out this time and everyone somewhat got the idea of what we were doing ans how we were going to go about executing it. We were much better prepared with all the utensils and toppings to ensure no or minimal backfire, such as running out of toppings. Our marketing team also tried to put in effort and improvised to make delivery services to teachers. When the electricity tripped, we tried to keep the business going by selling a cup of whipped cream with sprinkles and chocolate sauces, but it did not work very well. Even though the electricity tripped, some classmates took down orders to fulfill once the power returned. Even though the customers had to wait very long, we did not loose all our customers.

    What could have been improved?:
    We did not see the possibility that the electrical supply could have tripped. Our entire business depended on the waffle makers which ran on electricity. If we could have thought about that, maybe we could have planned a better way to keep people interested. The profits could have been higher if we had sold something else with the waffles such as milo to at least keep half the business running even when he other half was down.

  7. What was done well?
    This time, we decided to do something which was more organised and planned out. We also had people carrying out their roles to try and improve profits. This year, we did not prepare things last minute and that is why our profits were more. When crisis struck, like the electricity failure, some classmates took the initiative to take on different roles to write down orders and sell whatever things we had in a different way.

    What could have improved?
    It would have been better if the whole class participated to help serve the waffles or prepare the batter rather than fooling around. This is because there were not enough people at hand and everything went a bit disastrous. When it came to the cleaning up part, only about half the class helped with the cleaning while the rest just stood there. If everyone helped, the cleaning would be more efficient. We also did not foresee the possibility of electrical supplies tripping and space needed to prepare ingredients. We should do a trial run on how to make the batter as we were not that sure how to do it and we were short of butter.