Saturday, 15 September 2012

MuttonButton: MBerry tablets

Group members: Mervin, Devanshi, Amelia
(Sorry Mr Hiap, we sent you an email but didn't upload to the blog.)

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  1. Received and seen.

    I think the ad made sense. I watched it 3 times, and my wife understood the product and she found it amusing (in a good way)... After 3 times, I can still remember the details.... I think that is essentially what a good ad does for potential customers... it 'hooks' the customer.

    Mervin was dramatic... as usual... to good effect. Amelia could have been moooore drama-mama... The effects were a little stop-start / jerky but carried out its intended function. I wanted a different reaction between lemon and medicine (the sour / bitter taste), that would attract 2 different potential customer markets...

    I would like to have seen the tablets.... Mervin looked like he was tasting a lemon... rather than a tablet that you put into your mouth and dissolves from there... so does it mean that you eat medicine / something sweet, and you will have to dissolve this additional tablet to eliminate the taste...?

    For $15/-, how many tablets are there? Important for the potential customer to know...The funny voice-overs worked well, in line with potential customers.... (can you define what age group they are?)

    A good effort!

    Mr. Hiap