Thursday, 19 January 2012

Summary of I&E Lesson 1, 2 with Assignments

Goals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

1. Active Innovation

2. Living Entrepreneurship

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship curriculum aims to:

a) provide students with the foundational knowledge and understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship;

b) foster in students an innovative spirit whereby they would embrace change;

c) help students understand that innovation is part of the change process towards excellence;

d) inculcate in students an entrepreneurial mindset of seeking and seizing opportunities through change and being resourceful in their endeavours;

e) equip them with the relevant innovation and entrepreneurial skills to practise innovation and entrepreneurship in simulated and authentic contexts.

I3 = I x I x I : Idea / Implement / Improve

Assignment: Kindly post your comments (include your name, please)...

1) Write as 3 key words related to innovation

2) Think and comment about 3 metaphors (include pictures of your objects for your post) to represent innovation. Describe how your metaphor represents innovation.

Think and comment about 3 ground rules conducive for 'Brainstorming'.

4) Think and comment about either
i) 3 lesson venues (outside of the conventional classroom, within SST) or;
ii) 3 classroom table / seating arrangement conducive for discussion and group learning.

Additional Instructions:
  • Nominate yourself / classmate if you are interested to be a I&E Representative for your class.
  • Please invite classmates to be co-authors to this blog.
  • Reminder to submit comments for the previous assignment (Problem Identification).

Date Due: Wed, 25 Jan 2012, 12pm

Wishing all Happy Chinese New Year!

Mr. Patrick Hiap

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