Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My I&E Problem And Solution For Teenagers_Eugene Voo_10_S202

  Teenagers today have problems with their dental health. Many of them tend to turn to braces to help their teeth. However, each one has to succumb to the pain of braces. I myself is a user of braces. Based on my experience, braces is not a pleasant thing to have especially on the first 1 to 4 days. The pain during those days is excruciating; so much so that one will find it hard to even eat. To suggest a solution for their problems, I have introduced a new product, that will help the braces patients ease the pain, without numbing their gums and mouth. My product is a specific drug that cuts off most of the signals from the nerves that are inside the root. This disables the patient from completely feeling any pain in the teeth, and at the same time, it allows the patient to feel the food in the teeth, as not all the nerve signals are cut off. It is something like an advanced and extreme painkiller. However, the effects will ware out after 12 hours, so a patient needs to take it at the most twice a day, with a 12 hour time difference.

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