Monday, 16 January 2012

My I&E problem for teenagers with solution to the problem_Luke_17_S202

Teenagers have the problem of a heavy school bag as they have to carry it to school everyday. These bag will make their backs weaker and cause avoidable back problems which they will suffer from when they grow older. Back problems will also lead to various different other problems as they get older. Such as problems bending down to get things that have dropped to the floor, or being in pain just walking. I know bags cannot be lightened as everything inside is still needed for school. So I have thought of a solution for it. A certain design of bags can be used. It may be a simple design but it would help massively. Just an extension of the bottom of the bag and a few wheels would do the job. Making adjustable extensions on the bottom of the bag would be useful. The bottom of the bag could have wheels and it should be extendible to match a person’s height. After adjusting, the bag would be strapped to a person’s back, but the wheels would be on the floor supporting the weight of the bag, and the straps should be made tighter. So that when the person walks, the bag is dragged along like a trolley. Thus most of the bag’s weight will be on the extensions on the bottom of the bag, this will reduce the weight on the student’s shoulders, thus causing less back problems for the student. So the student will be more healthy and future problems will also be avoided.

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