Thursday, 12 January 2012

I & E Assignment: 12 Jan

Hello Sec 2-02 / Change Makers,
As discussed during I&E lesson:

Social Innovation summarized: Ideas -> Concepts -> Strategies
(Other steps will be discussed in the following lessons).

Video references: 
  • Search 'The Fun Theory' on 

Challenge (9 Jan):
Look for a problem in our society / world that you would like to help solve, this problem must lead to some form of social innovation preferably in the form of product innovation (Note: this is different from a charity drive or canvassing for funds).

Target Group:
i) Teenagers (aged 13 to 19 years old)
ii) Babies (< 1 year old)

Once you have found the problem that you would really like to solve, 
i) understand the problem,
ii) express the problem clearly
iii) discuss your proposed solution in your class I&E blog. 

Date Due: Tues, 17 Jan 2012

We will go through the reflections on Thurs, 19 Jan 2012.

Thank you.
Mr. Patrick Hiap

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