Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I&E Upcoming Events: Showcase for Parents

Hello S2-02,

As briefed to you in Term 1: There will be an upcoming showcase for parents to give you an authentic audience in your presentation.

Role of the audience:
  • to raise questions,
  • give feedback and
  • constructive comments to the you.
The evaluation will be done by Mr. Patrick Hiap.

Presentation consists of:
1) presentation slides using Keynote (maximum 5 minutes or 3 to 4 slides)
2) demonstration of proposal / prototype using
  • Mon 1130 - 1220 - S207, S208, S209
  • Tue 1015 - 1105 - S204, S205, S206
  • Thu 1015 - 1105 - S201, S202, S203
Do take the Showcase for Parents seriously. Groups not producing sufficient standard will have to attend Supervised Study.

Each group: Reminder to submit your updated 'Social Innovation Report' and Pages presentation slides via email to

Reply to this post if you have further queries.

Mr. Patrick Hiap

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